This site is run by the Global Platform for the Rapid Generation and Transfer of Knowledge on COVID-19 and older adults in low and middle-income countries (GP-Older-COVID).

We are a network of academics based in different universities, NGOs and other people with interests in these issues. We aim to support the sharing of knowledge and experience to support research, policy and practice.

General administration and maintenance of the site is funded by University of East Anglia.

The site presents contributions from our many network members:

The Global Platform is jointly directed by Peter Lloyd-Sherlock and Lucas Sempé.

Overall responsibility for content rests with Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, who is based at the University of East Anglia.

In June 2020, the site established an Expert Steering Committee.

Leon Geffen, Samson Institute for Ageing Research, South Africa

Karla Giacomin, FIOCRIZ, Brazil

Arvind Mathur, Asian Centre for Medical Education, Research & Innovation, India

Karl Pillemer, Cornell University, USA

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