WHO publishes COVID-19 vaccination coverage data by age group.

Nov 5, 2021 | Academic resources, All posts, Relevant news and stories

Peter Lloyd-Sherlock

4 November 2021

Kudos to the World Health Organisation for publishing age-disaggregated data on its vaccination coverage portal. You can access it here: https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiMWNjNzZkNjctZTNiNy00YmMzLTkxZjQtNmJiZDM2MTYxNzEwIiwidCI6ImY2MTBjMGI3LWJkMjQtNGIzOS04MTBiLTNkYzI4MGFmYjU5MCIsImMiOjh9

Not all countries currently provide the data. Notable exceptions include India, Mexico and China. And the data for some countries are not especially up to date. Nevertheless, this is an important first step towards holding some countries for their failure to protect their older citizens. The Global Platform will publish more analysis in the next weeks, but we have quickly put together some tables for a number of countries.

Table 1 shows enormous variations in full vaccination coverage of people aged 60 or more. Thailand, Bulgaria and Indonesia stand out as poor performers, while Argentina, Chile and Iran have achieved much higher rates of coverage.


Table 1. % of people aged 60 or more by vaccination status, selected countries.