The CIAT emergency strategy framework for managing covid-19 in long-term care facilities: the case of Brazil

Apr 14, 2021 | Academic resources, All posts, Guidelines and protocols, Relevant news and stories

Over the past year, members of the Global Platform have worked together to produce a set of emergency guidance for managing the COVID-19 pandemic in long-term care facilities. This guidance pays particular attention to the contexts of low and middle-income countries. You can find the general guidance here:

Of course, there is great diversity between different low and middle-income countries and so it is important to tailor this general strategy to support specific contexts. With that in mind, we have now produced a version of the CIAT Framework with specific reference to Brazil.

You can access the paper here:

We will soon share a version in Portuguese.

If you are aware of any relevant experiences in Brazil or another low or middle-income country, please email them to We will include them in new papers and your contribution will be acknowledged.