Post-Script from Argentina: Older People Singled-Out In Ban From Leaving Their Homes

Apr 17, 2020 | All posts, Letters from...

As in all countries, the situation in Argentina is developing very quickly. We would like to share one very alarming new development.

Today, on the 17th of April, the City of Buenos Aires government announced that from Monday–the 20th of April, all people aged 70 or more would not be permitted to leave their homes.

(This is a follow-up to the “Letter from Argentina” posted on 14 April here)

Exceptions will be made for collecting pensions and for health emergencies, and for older people who have applied for and been granted special exemption status. No other age groups are subject to this measure.

If older people do not comply with this new restriction, they will be required to do some form of forced community service (this has yet to be defined). This is leading to calls for mass protest, including older people taking to the streets over the weekend.

We will share further updates when we have them.

Local news reports in Spanish can be found here and here.