COVID-19 in the Philippines: Which age-group and gender are the most vulnerable?

Apr 2, 2020 | Academic resources, All posts, Relevant news and stories

A recent research brief by the University of the Philippines Population Institute and Demographic Research and Development Foundation studies which age-group and gender are the most vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

The research aims to put in context the latest official data on the continuing epidemic by comparing the characteristics of the known cases with the general population of the Philippines.

The findings of the report suggest that more than half (58%) of older Filipinos have at least one of the risky co-morbidities for COVID-19. More women (61%) than men (53%) have at least one condition. Those in the youngest age group (60-69) have the lowest percentage reporting at least one condition. By socioeconomic status, the percentage with at least one disease condition is highest among the upper 20% of the population (71%) and lowest among the poorest 20% (42%).

The report can be accessed here.