Uganda: Museveni orders closure of schools and suspends religious gatherings over coronavirus

Mar 18, 2020 | All posts, Relevant news and stories

Excerpt from discourse:

“Although the kill ratio of the virus is not very high compared to, for instance, Ebola, this is if the victims are in perfect health. With the healthy young people, for instance, some information says that an infected person may not even know that he/she has any problem.

She/he may defeat the virus without even knowing that it ever attacked him or her. The real danger to society, however, is for old people, 70 years and above and people with other diseases they have been surviving with. Such diseases are like: TB, HIV, diabetes, hypertension, etc. It is these that will be very sick or even die. Since we have a very large number of people living with HIV (1.4 million), having diabetes (800,00), hypertension (4.8m), TB (100,000 per year), we must do everything possible to ensure that this enemy does not come here, does not find plenty of dry grass piled up and ready for flaming. What is the dry grass that can help to start and sustain fire of a corona-virus epidemic? It is the big masses of people, gathered together and in close proximity.”